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The colors mix, the effects of the lean are still felt. Money may not make you happy, but it allows you to afford two nude escorts on a bed in a room in a luxury villa. I met Lisa and Shannon at the exit of a nightclub in Cannes. Two beautiful women, as a couple, who were selling their bodies for 3000 euros a night. I felt lonely, I missed Sarah. I definitely had a knack for falling in love with prostitutes. While I roll the umpteenth joint of this early evening, these two sublime creatures kiss and caress each other. It is beautiful. I would challenge any anti-LGBT Catholic not to be ecstatic at such a spectacle. The mix of colors, the ebony skin of one contrasting with the snow white of the other, a beautiful redhead with flaming hair. The love and passion that emanates from this scene is indescribable. We are far, very far from the countless pornos that cradled my childhood. I thought that this kind of show would inflate my ego, I saw myself as a disgusting Rocco Siffredi, with my hand in my underpants, saying dirty words to raise the temperature. But I feel like I don’t belong to this room, and in no way would I want to get this painting dirty. I rummage through my pocket and find a dose of acid, carefully wrapped in a plastic cigarette packet. I put it on my tongue, it shouldn’t hurt me.


  • 100% cotton
  • 210 gsm
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below
  • Embroidery on the front and screen printing on the back
  • Secret print

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