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Getting up after repeated falls is the story of my life. Perseverance, skateboarding taught me this quality. Recovering after a fracture, a sprain, or a few scratches, fighting for hours in front of the complexity and the ingratitude of this discipline, all that had forged me a strong mental. But this time, I have to face a different kind of fall. The bottom is near, and I will need more than good will to escape the infernal spiral that swirls under my feet. Facing the sea, I try to put things into perspective. After all, I didn’t do anything wrong except for shooting a few guys who were trying to kill me. The cops were not going to take long to circulate my description. They had seen my car, and even in Cannes, it is difficult to go unnoticed with a ‘69 Corvette Stingray, bought in cash from an Armenian a few days earlier. On the Croisette, I enjoy my last minutes of tranquility, before a run that would surely last forever.

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester sherpa lining
  • Silkscreen all over
  • Embroidery
  • Secret label
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below

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