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My host's physical condition, valiantly sharpened during ten years in prison, leaves no doubt about how he climbed the ladder to the top. My buddy Hassan hadn't lied to me: his cousin looks like a real weirdo on steroids, and the idea of leaving with two bags full of cash belonging to him seems more and more crazy to me. But it’s time for me to have some balls, once and for all. I have to take responsibility. And I might as well tell you that the cousin is not short of adjectives to detail what will happen to me if I don’t come back with the dope. In my life, I don't remember any discussion where the words "trust" and "death" came up so often. From the window, on the 34th floor of Tower B, the sun rises, it's beautiful. The speech is over, the action begins. I lift the bags and take off. All this fuss for twenty grand.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below
  • Embroidery on the front, back and sleeves
  • Secret pockets on the front and at the wrist
  • Condom pocket on the back
  • The pockets are closed with zips and scratches
  • Secret label

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