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Sitting on the Nappa leather seat of this superb nardo gray RS6, I rush into the narrow aisle of the McDonald’s drive-through. I take the tight bend that separates the order terminal from the payment terminal, not without difficulty, the 4,50 meters long vehicle being more dedicated to German freeways than to fast food stops. I have just crossed Spain, I crossed the border without any problem, I peacefully enjoy my royal bacon burger. Normally, the rule is not to stop under any circumstances, but the beauty had to pee and… you know women. Anyway, the mission is almost done. Sarah comes back with a smile on her face, in her dress that doesn't hide much from her divine forms. She hasn't had time to change, and her outfit leaves no doubt about her professional activity. From the top of its transparent pink wedge pumps, she leans forward my door. With her cleavage under my nose, I feel my underpants shaking, when I hear a voice behind her: "So sweetie, you’re working the streets at McDonald's?". The doors slam, I see the “Police” print in the rear-view mirror. Taking this girl with me was a bad idea. I'm starting the car.


  • Exterior 100% cotton, interior 100% polyester
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below
  • Front and back embroidery
  • Teddy with quilted (fleece) lining
  • Secret label

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