SEASON : WINTER / YEAR : 2022 / PHOTOS : @tomhgn_ 



I no longer recognize the world in which I grew up in. It's now been four years since the big uprising, four years during which this society has become its own cliché, worthy of the greatest novels. The outside world terrifies the people. It's sad, dangerous, real. Technology has distanced people physically, to bring them together numerically. Now we wander in a digital utopia, where we revel in the gaze of others, behind a mask, materialized by an Instagram filter erasing as many flaws as sincerity. People fall in love with pixels. They debate in a binary language, all seemingly happy, rich, alone.



The advert was at least 15 meters high, displayed on one of the tallest buildings in the city. Elon Musk had won his bet. It is now possible to have a picnic on Mars for a few million dollars. A formality for every other thousand millionaire produced by the minute. Sharing a meal, surrounded by rocks, tricked by a bubble of oxygen under the stars, after a six-month journey locked up in 2 square meters, with nothing to eat but canned goods and jelly: living the dream. And to think that meanwhile, the poor are sitting by a lake drinking Ricard, with nothing to look at but sunsets and endless pine trees. The definition of paradise is no longer what it used to be.


Technology did not stop the war, it just made it more expensive and less humane. The army hasn't recruited valiant, brave soldiers in a long time. Today's defenders of the nation are nerds with sellotaped glasses, stuck to their screens or nanotechnology researchers in white coats. The illustrations of today's combat scenes that will one day be discovered by our descendants will be of steel, soulless shells, programmed to destroy everything that moves, everything that lives. Their lack of heart and of discernment make them the perfect weapon and the few humans so unaware as to defy them are doomed to certain death. Like Greek gods, untouchable and indestructible by mere mortals, these death machines are the pride of our armies.


The bare little asses that are flaunted on Instagram no longer shock anyone. The hypersexualization of women and sex have never been so present in society, and yet, humans have less and less physical contact. The democratization of virtual reality and the constant evolution of sex toys haven't helped matters. After all, why bother buying a girl 5 disgusting, overpriced cocktails when in just a few clicks you can spend a wild evening with your favorite porn star actress. That's what we've come to. Women rediscovered their bodies and quickly realized how incompetent men are and their frequent inability to make them come regularly. Obviously, machines have stolen our manhood, and we asked for it.


This race for technology hasn't been all bad. On the 28th of September 2035, a Danish chemist with an unpronounceable name made a discovery that would change the world: following a technical manipulation error, he managed to perfectly create synthetic gold. Even the greatest specialists in the world were incapable of telling the real from the fake gold apart. The consequences didn't take long to unfold, and they were devastating. The price of gold immediately lost 99% of its value, dragging down on its way all the currencies of the world. It was time for Bitcoin to spread its wings. While the uninitiated fell into precarity, the old tightrope walkers of decentralization had become kings. The banks were dropping like flies, and now, the people had the power.

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