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The next few days were chaotic, police sirens all over the place. Never before had I seen so many people on the street. Fifteen years of social network had left permanent traces, the people needed to exchange with one another, to show themselves, for the better, and especially for the worse. While the most curious perceived this madness hidden behind the blinds of their apartments, the most extravagant show off their cars, to try to put influencers in unemployment on the passenger seat, hoping that their self-centredness would lead them straight to their crotch that smelt of financial interest. Basically, nothing had really changed, but a sense of freedom reigned: people were connected, debated with their faces uncovered, everything looked more real, more true. The people that were stuck on the internet rediscover their senses, the smell of the city, the voices of their kids and the bodies of their wives.

  • 100% polyester
  • Made in Portugal
  • All over print 
  • Embroidered logo front and back
  • Normal cut, if hesitation between two sizes, take above.

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