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After a first big blow which almost exploded the door, I hastened with the help of Angela to move all the furniture in front of it. Our visitors are screaming in Spanish, I don't understand anything. With both hands placed on the cupboard blocked against the door, I have difficulty holding back the three colossi who are kicking at it. Hurry up. It stinks of gas, Angela opened the cylinder, rushes into the kitchen, tears out the electrical panel, what the hell is she doing? Luckily, there is no one in front of the window, and I can no longer contain the power of my attackers any longer, the wardrobe gives way. While the guys slip with difficulty between the rubble of the furniture, I run and throw myself out of the window, Angela follows me, smokes in her mouth and smiles crookedly. But who is she really? I have the impression that she is not worried at all, I have the impression of living a Tomb Raider mission. As soon as he sets foot outside, I am surprised by a deafening explosion whose blast propels us towards the ground, the apartment bursts into flames, I hear the screams of the criminals who are burning alive. We run off without looking back, leaving all of our personal belongings in the flames. It's a new beginning, with only our clothes of the day and our immeasurable love as our luggage.

  • 100% cotton
  • 210gsm
  • Four-color print front and back
  • Print secret
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below

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