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Passing by the cathedral, I decide to take a look inside, eager to see how the Lord's children handle this revolution. After all, since all priests around the world no longer have access to Pornhub, I was necessarily going to have something crunchy to put under my teeth. As soon as I arrived, I was shocked by the huge queue in the main aisle. Facing this tragedy, do the people think that they will find the answers in a church? What a slab. Sitting in front of the confessional, under the gaze of hundreds of pilgrims, a priest surrounded by candles distributes the body of Christ: a cardboard box filled with Albert Hoffman double-sided LSD, his greatest creation. Under the box, the sensual tongue of a young nun totally dedicated to starting her astral journey to find the most buried answers of the universe. Then comes the blood of Christ: a flask of Poliakov freshly bought from the corner store across the road. The lord's house had turned into a house of sins. I make a last cross sign and walk away from this catastrophe, before all of these beautiful people undertake a biblical portion orgy.

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