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My body shivers, my pulse intensifies, and my breath becomes erratic. Sonia is one of those fatal women whom you can't refuse anything. Stroking her long legs closed in perfectly matching red leather with her brand new Christian Louboutin soles drives me crazy. I want her as much as I fear her. Her sharp nails tear into my skin, and her floral scent gets me every time her luscious lips touch the curve of my neck. It's on the third floor of this Haussmann-style building from the late 19th century that my long orgasmic agony comes to an end: the Dirty Madness Club, also known as "the Dungeon", a true haven of lust where all thrusts are allowed, with the only limit being respect and conviviality. Sonia was the boss. Her secret? A great contribution to the abolition of the dark side of the world's oldest profession. Trained by the Russian secret services, she knew how to defend herself against attackers better than a Bulgarian bodyguard on amphetamines. Half-prostitute, half-double agent, her training had led to the arrest of several sexual deviants, who entered through the front door and either left in a coffin or badly beaten out the back door. My time here had made me hungry.

  • 100% cotton
  • 410gsm
  • Embroideries front and back
  • Secret Label
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below

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