The queue at this pharmacy is a bit like a skid row. A real landmark of drug addicts coming to get their dose of Subutex. One of them is screaming, another is walking two dogs on a leash, three old men who can barely stand upright and a pregnant woman who is completely drunk. I analyze the logo of the pharmacy to forget this scene. This symbol is strange: this sort of chalice surrounded by a snake; it looks more like a paedo-satanic symbol than the emblem of the order of pharmacists. The definition on Google indicates that the cup is the one in which Hygie, daughter of Aesculapius and goddess of health, gave the snake of the temple of Epidaure to drink. I didn’t understand anything. But I come out of this hell with enough codeine to satisfy the snake, the goddess, and the whole Tour Bus of the Three 6 Mafia if I have to. I have things to celebrate. To do so, I rented a villa on the heights of Cannes. After all this adrenaline, I had to settle down, slow down my palpitation, and for that, nothing better than a good old «purple drank». The fridge is huge and contains enough ice to serve me a good hundred cups. I prepare my drink like a pharmacist taking antidepressants. Clinging to my cup, I wander around the house like a ghost, it’s hot and my body moves by itself. I’m missing a bit of fun. A few prostitutes would be nice.


  • 100% cotton
  • 210 gsm
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below
  • Silkscreen on the front and back
  • Secret print

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