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I wake up in total panic, breathing fast, completely soaked, I need a few seconds to realize what is happening to me. « Es el tiempo de pagar! » an old Colombian says to me, a bucket of water in his hand. The bar is empty, the sun is rising. I look for my wallet, and obviously, the naughty girl has left with it. He hands me the mop, the message is clear. Here I am, washing the filthy floor of a Columbian bar on my second day in the country. I'm wiping my slate clean. Arriving in the back room, I am surprised by a huge wall of clues lit by an old neon light, newspaper articles, posters of missing people, and this photo, in the center, it’s her, Angela. “Everything is connected to this woman”, says the old man with a strong accent who had slipped behind me without me realizing it. The story had been heard through Colombia. A cleaning company had scoured poor neighborhoods looking for workers a few years ago, promising work to hundreds of young people stuck in extreme poverty. Once they got into those vans, no one saw them again. I need to find Angela.


  • 100% cotton
  • 210gsm
  • Screen printing front and back
  • Secret print
  • Wide cut, if hesitating between two size, take below

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