The cell is cold and damp. Huge chains prevent me from moving. I am sad and dejected. I had spent almost a month looking for her, thinking she was in danger. In return she locks me in this cage with barely enough water to hydrate my tears. A common prisoner from the Middle Ages who lacked respect for his queen. A flail stabbed in my heart. A door opens in the distance. Heels resonate. It's probably her. Standing in front of me, with tears in her eyes, she asks me what I'm doing here. Our romance was a mistake, she stammered... Her past had caught up with her, and she now had to fulfill her obligations. Those of a leader, leader of an armed gang composed entirely of women. She couldn't, in front of all her soldiers, allow herself to show any ounce of feeling towards a man. She opens my chains, kisses me one last time, and gives me an address on a piece of paper: « A cargo ship is due to leave for Europe at 1:12 p.m., everything is ready for you. ».  Those were her last words.

  • 100% cotton
  • 210gsm
  • Screen prints on front, back
  • Secret label


Paul wears a size L and is 1m83 tall


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